Ocean going salvage tugboat Wolraad Woltemade
Maritime artwork of the Wolraad Woltemade
South African tug Wolraad Woltemade
Wolraad Woltemade salvage tug painting
Wolraad Woltemade
Marine art detail: Wolraad Woltemade (1)
Marine art detail: Wolraad Woltemade (2)
Marine art detail: Wolraad Woltemade (3)
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Wolraad Woltemade

Watercolor  39 x 71 cm. [FOR SALE]

This watercolor painting depicts the ocean going salvage tug Wolraad Woltemade. This painting is a broadside view with details and shadows to make it lively and not just a static thing. The painting measures 39 x 71 cm in total and is for sale at the moment. Slide through the > to see more details. This is a great opportunity to purchase a unique piece of Wolraad Woltemade maritime art!

Maritime Artist

My name is Willem Johan Hoendervanger and I’m a fulltime Dutch maritime artist. I work for private and professional clients all over the world. I invite you to have a look at my gallery and see some examples of my works of art.


Commissions are accepted for all maritime subjects. I work not only for shipping companies but also for private individuals. By working in commission I am able to develop myself and continue to improve my skills. I can paint a wide variety of different ships

100% customer satisfaction!

Over the years I’m am privaliged I was able to create artworks  for some major shipping around the globe. Besides these clients I always look forward to receive commissions of private clients. Check out my review page as well.

Smit Singapore (Smit Tak) maritime art
VOS Pace Vroon art
Zeesleepboot Holland Doeksen
Fairmount Summit marine art painting
President Hubert URS art
Husky (Heerema) maritime art
Maritime Art Smit Singapore Smit Tak
Maritime art VOS Pace Vroon
Maritime art Holland Doeksen
Maritime art Fairmount Summit
Maritime art President Hubert U.R.S.
Maritime art Husky Heerema
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Tugboat maritime art

Watercolors. different sizes.. [SOLD]

This gallery shows a selection of the previous tugboat paintings I have created over the years. This subject is very popular among my clients and all of them have found a new forever home! Slide through this gallery > to see Smit Singapore, VOS Pace, Holland, Fairmount Summit,  President Hubert and Husky. All of them are watercolors. 


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Eternal value

Every painting I do is a unique creative creation. A painting has the unique ability to visualize and capture a certain feeling for people. A painting is something to enjoy and invest in for a long time. A look at it every day ensures an almost enlightened state of the customer. 


Please do drop me a line when you have any questions regarding my art. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

South African hero

The powerfull ocean-going salvage tug Wolraad Woltemade was named after the South African hero who saved 14 people from the beached VOC ship De Jonge Thomas who broke in two on the rocks in a heavy storm in the Salt River, Table Bay. Wolraad and his horse managed to reach the ship seven times and was literally towing the sailors to the beach. Unfortunately things went wrong the eight time. Crew members holding on to the horse and Wolraad and were pulled into the water and drowned. 200 years later another hero was born. Due to the closure of the Suez Canal in the 70s the ultra large crude carriers (ULCC) had to round Cape of the Good Hope in South Africa. To prevent disasters, there was a need for very strong and fast-responding tugs that could assist these ships in an emergency. The iconic South African tug Wolraad Woltemade (and sister John Ross) were the most powerful ocean-going salvage tugs at that time and prevented South Africa from several disasters.. In 2010, the Wolraad Woltemade was beached in Alang, India to be scrapped.