Maritime pencil drawing super yacht Vava II
Maritime pencil drawing detail: Vava II (3)
Maritime pencil drawing detail: Vava II (2)
Maritime pencil drawing detail: Vava II (1)
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Vava II

Pencil drawing on Arches paper. 38,1 x 50,5 cm. [for sale]

In this pencil drawing I have depicted the ship during sea trials on the river Westerschelde. The yacht is far from its natural habitat of tropical and azure colored seas. It was precisely this enormous contrast that inspired me to make this pencil drawing. This is enhanced by the fact that I have placed a tanker in the background; a typical daily Westerschelde scene. On this cloudy day the sun has found a hole and reflects the ripple of the water on the ship’s hull.


This is  a very pure technique in which you can create endless variations of greytones for creating a subtle atmosphere,

Amels yard

Amels is building yachts in Vlissingen since 2001. Amels is part of the Damen Shipyard Group. They also do refits of yachts like the Vava II.


For making pencil drawings I use pencils of Koh-I-Noor. This Czech manufacturer was founded in 1790 and is making pencils ever since.

Vava yacht sails near New York's Liberty Statue
Vava yacht sails near the Dutch Walcheren island
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Superyacht Vava II (2009) visited the Amels yard in Vlissingen early 2015 for maintenance. This is a yacht of superlatives. The yacht costs $150 million to build and was also one of the largest superyachts ever built in Britain. The ship is a gift from the Swiss entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli (the richest billionaire of Switzerland) to his wife Kirsty Bertarelli (the richest woman in Great Britain). Only refilling the fuel tanks of this ship costs an estimate $ 375,000. Quite a gift!