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ss United States in Southampton
The United States funnels
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s.s. United States ship detail (1)
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s.s. United States

WATERCOLOR. 32,3 X 47,2 CM. [sold]

This painting shows the United States docked at the famous Ocean Dock in Southampton. When the Cunard Queens were not there s.s.United States used this terminal which is known for being the place where Titanic departed (then named White Star Dock). On this watercolorpainting the United States looks majestic even in this typical English weather. This watercolor is sold, please drop me a line when you’re interested or if you want to discuss a commission of your favorite ship.

United States

The ship could reach a speed of over 20 kn when steaming astern!


Most parts of the s.s.United States were made of aluminium which saved a lot of weight to make.

Save America's flagship

The SS United States Conservancy is trying to save America’s flagship for future generations.

s.s.United States ocean liner
Big-U broadside drawing
United States funnel
ss United States history (1)
ss United States history (2)
ss United States history (3)
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‘The Big-U’ needs no introduction. She was the pinnacle of what America was capable of in the 1950s. A true American icon. S.s.United States (1952) was the fastest oceanliner and easily achieved the Blue Ribbon on her first Eastbound voyage. On her trials she reached an impressive 38.32 knots. The career of s.s.United States came to an end in 1969 due to sevaral reasons including several strikes, the decline of government subsidy and last but not least the popularity of transatlantic flights.