ss France Le Havre Maritime Art Compagnie Maritime Generale
Tugboat in Southampton assisting
s.s. France funnel
ss France liner later become ss Norway
Ocean Liner Art ss France
s.s. France ship detail (1)
s.s. France ship detail (2)
s.s. France ship detail (3)
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s.s. France


This watercolor shows the magnifique s.s. France in Southampton assisted by Red Funnel and Alexandria Towing tugs on a hot summer day. The low point of view emphasises the beautiful sharp lines of s.s.France’ bow. The towing line of the tug in combination with the lines of the ship creates a very strong compostion. One can feel the exitement standing on the quayside and watching this French beauty.

Longest passengership

Till the Queen Mary 2 (345,03 m /1,132 ft) entered service in 2004, s.s.France / s.s.Norway was the longest (315,66 m /1,035,6 ft) passengership in the world.

Dog's meal

Even the dogs aboard the s.s.France had an 8 course menu. That represented the high level of the French cuisine.

For sale

Feel free to contact me for a price quote when a work is for sale. You can also contact me to discuss a commission of your favorite oceanliner. I’m looking forward working together with you.

s.s.France liner on a cruise
Cruise ship Norway
Cruise ship Norway in Amsterdam
ss France
ss Norway
s.s. Norway IJmuiden
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The s.s. France was the ultimate summary of the best things France had to offer in terms of design, art and cuisine. When s.s.France entered service traveling by air was already in full swing. This fact (and the rising costs to operate the ship) made the carreer of s.s.France as an oceanliner only lasted 12 years. As s.s.Norway the former s.s.France was (extensively) rebuilt into a 100% cruiseship. She became a very popular ship. In the beginning of her career s.s.Norway caused a revolution in the cruise industry because of the many new facilities aboard and her large size. A boilier explosing in 2003 and the competition with modern cruiseships made the aging classic s.s.Norway was eventually sold for scrap in 2005.