Italian line ss Rex in New York Harbor
ss Rex maritime art
ss Rex maritime art drawing
oceanliner Rex marine art
Pencildrawing ss Rex
Marine art detail: Rex (1)
Marine art detail: Rex (2)
Marine art detail: Rex (3)
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Pencildrawing. [SOLD]

This painting depicts the passenger ship Rex in 1939 in New York harbor prior to the outbreak of World War II. Who would suspect at that moment the ship would be history a couple of years later?


This is a very pure technique in which you can create endless variations of greytones for creating a subtle atmosphere.

s.s. Conte di Savoia

Assumed by many as a sister to Rex but in many ways a different ship.

Moller Cab

The Town Taxi shown on this drawing is a 1937 built Moller Cab.

ss Rex marine art
ss Rex marine artwork
Rex hit by Allied bombers off the Istrian coast in 1944
Rockets fired at ss Rex
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Rex was a passenger – and partly a cruiseship – built for the Italian Line and operated on the transatlantic run between Italy and America. Rex career only lasted 8 years. This liner was Italy’s answer to the succesfull North German Lloyd sisters Bremen / Europa. Rex entered service in 1932. In 1933 she won the Westbound Blue Ribbon and held this record until 1935 ( in that year taken over by French Line’s Normandie). In 1940 the ship was laid up for several years because of the outbreak of World War II. In 1944 Rex was heavily bombed by Allied planes off the Istrian coast. After hit by 123 rockets the ship sank after burning for several days.