Marine Art ocean liner Nieuw Amsterdam
Marine art detail: Nieuw Amsterdam (3)
Marine art detail: Nieuw Amsterdam (2)
Marine art detail: Nieuw Amsterdam (1)
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Nieuw Amsterdam

Watercolor on Fabriano paper. 46 x 74 cm. [sold]

In this painting I wanted to show the famous Holland America Line ship Nieuw Amsterdam at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. The chosen point of view shows her beautiful sheer best. The typical Dutch gray sky in combination with the pigeon gray color of the hull matches very well. The back and forth ferry Neeltje Jorina crosses the river Maas between Katendrecht and the Veerhaven.  Behind the wheelhouse of the Nieuw Amsterdam the two towers of the Holland America Line head office can be seen. Today the building is in use as a hotel and restaurant known as Hotel New York.

Fabriano paper

I only use the best materials available for artists. For this particular work I have used watercolor paper of this famous Italian brand. 


This work is in the collection of a private individual who has bought many of my works over the years. It’s great to see a large part of my works together at one place.


When making an artwork I do spend a large part of my time doing research. This means studying books, photo’s and drawings of the ship involved.

Nieuw Amsterdam in grey wartime livery
Statendam as seen from the Nieuw Amsterdam
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Until today, Nieuw Amsterdam is considered to be the most beautiful passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands. It was the pride of the Dutch merchant navy. The ship was a perfect example of a classic liner from the golden age of the transatlantic liners. She could rightly be listed as one of the iconic ships such as Normandie, Queen Mary, Rex, Europa and Bremen. However, in 1974, partly due to the oil crisis, the career of this famous ship came to an end at the scrapyard in Taiwan.