Painting of Monterey moored at San Francisco's Pier 35s
Ocean liner art detail Monterey (3)
Ocean liner art detail Monterey (2)
Ocean liner art detail Monterey (1)
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Watercolor on Fabriano paper. 40 x 60 cm. [SOLD]

A retired San Francisco pilot commissioned me to paint the Monterey. This painting summarizes a large part of his career at sea. Because he made a number of journeys on the PFEL ship Washington Bear, the Monterey depicts the same PFEL livery. Being a San Francisco pilot, he has moored the Monterey many times. Finally, he also worked as a captain on the Red Stack tugs. The bicentennial logo on the Monterey’s bow, applied for the occasion of the celebration of 200 years of independence, makes it an even more American scene.


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Pier 35s San Francisco

Pier 35s was built in 1914 as a passenger ship terminal and is in use ever since. Together with pier 27 it hosts 80 cruises ships a year. 

Satisfied client

Besides the painting itself the most fulfilling part for me as an artist is to have a satisfied client after the hard work has been done!

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Monterey and her sister Mariposa started their career as cargo ships of the so-called Mariner Class Freighters. In 1955 they were converted into luxury passenger ships for Matson line. This shipping company operated the ships between San Francisco and Sydney. This shipping service was more or less continued when the ships entered service for the PFEL -Pacific Far East Line.