Tugboat Husky Heerema
Heerema tug Husky
This painting depicts the tugboat Husky
Husky sleepboot schilderij
Marine art detail: Husky (1)
Marine art detail: Husky (2)
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Watercolor  32,5 x 50,3 cm. [FOR SALE]

Some ships deserve more than one painting! This is my second watercolor painting of the beautiful Dutch tugboat Husky in Flushing roads. This watercolor measures 32,8 x 50,5 cm and is for sale. Click on the green button below to contact me when you are interested in buying this painting.

Maritime Artist

My name is Willem Johan Hoendervanger and I’m a fulltime Dutch maritime artist. I work for private and professional clients all over the world. I invite you to have a look at my gallery and see some examples of my works of art.


Commissions are accepted for all maritime subjects. I work not only for shipping companies but also for private individuals. By working in commission I am able to develop myself and continue to improve my skills. I can paint a wide variety of different ships

100% customer satisfaction!

Over the years I’m am privaliged I was able to create artworks  for some major shipping around the globe. Besides these clients I always look forward to receive commissions of private clients. 


Watercolor. 35 x 48,7 cm. [SOLD]

My first painting of Husky shows  her on a beautiful summers evening in Vlissingen. It shows Husky in the heydays of her 30 year career hence the ‘Farewell Husky’ painting on her superstructure. This painting was sold to a client who sailed on the Husky. My maritime art is a fitting tribute for everyone who wants me to depict ‘his’ or ‘her’ ship!


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Heerema Marine Contractors is a leading company in the offshore industry, specialized in the design and implementation of complex offshore projects. The company is involved in installing offshore platforms, laying pipelines and carrying out heavy lifting operations.


Please do drop me a line when you have any questions regarding my art. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Marine Art painting of Thialf
Marine Art painting of Heerema Thialf
Maritime Art Rotterdam Harbor
Marine Art painting of Thialf (1)
Marine Art painting of Thialf (2)
Marine Art painting of Thialf (3)
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Watercolors . 40 x 50 cm. [SOLD}

A few years ago I was commissioned by the Port of Rotterdam and created 3 paintings with Heerema’s Thialf prominent in the background of each work. Click on the > to slide to the artworks.