100% customer satisfaction​!

Commissions are accepted for all maritime subjects. I work not only for shipping companies but also for private individuals. By working in commission I am able to develop myself and continue to improve my skills. I can paint a wide variety of different ships; from big liners to smaller boats. Let me know which ship you would like to have a painting of.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Clients wishes

To start a commission I always start with the particular wishes of the client: type of the vessel, which medium, size of the painting and if it needs to be framed. These elements together will be the ingredients for the offer I send you. Besides these practical matters, we’ll have to agree what will be the atmosphere and vibe of your artwork.


After we have agreed on the ship which has to be painted, I can give an estimate date when the work will be finished. This depends on which medium you have chosen. Creating an oil painting takes far more time compared to a watercolor.

Process of painting

Before I start working on the actual painting, I will do research on our agreed subject. As soon as I have found the right composition, I make the preliminary sketch on my canvas or watercolor paper. This is when the real hard work begins.

Framing the artwork

I’am in a position to offer you the possibility to have your artwork being framed. Together with the framer I can make sure to choose the best fitting frames and passepartouts. These will enhance the painting itself and makes it a complete and personalised experience.

Shipping worldwide

I do ship worldwide. I have already send artworks to countries such as; the Netherlands, France, Greece, United States of America, Canada, Singapore and New Zealand. To ensure safe shipping and delivery, I make a customized box. This appears to be a proven way; all my artwork has arrived in a safe & sound condition.


You now are the owner of an original ‘Hoendervanger!’ This unique and handcrafted piece of art is ready to find a spot on your wall. Please let me know how it looks on your wall, I’m very curious to know it’s new destination.