A painting as a gift


Willem Johan Hoendervanger

Over the years I’m am privaliged I was able to create artworks  for some major shipping around the globe. Besides these clients I always look forward to receive commissions of private clients. 

Some of my reputable clients include:

Logo client Port of Rotterdam
Logo client Waterfront Shipping
Logo client Fairplay Towage
Logo client Seafox
Logo client Van Oord
Logo client Vroon
Logo client Shipyard de Hoop
Marine art Tanker Mari Jone
I could not wait any longer. I opened it the other day. It is really nice, I am very happy with it. It also arrived in perfect condition, no damage whatsoever. We have not taken it in for framing yet, but that will be done shortly. My wife is best at those things!! When it is framed and we have it hung up, I will send you a picture of it.​
Jone Hognestad
President at Waterfront Shipping Company Ltd.
Marine art ACL Atlantic Sea
Your painting is nothing short of spectacular. I was hoping that the painting would look nice but you have outdone yourself. I honestly feel that this is the best work you have ever done. You captured the colors, the twilight glow, everything perfectly. Everyone loves it. Fantastic job.
Andy Abbott
CEO Atlantic Container Line
Marine art Smit Singapore
Willem Johan Hoendervanger is a very good painter from Holland of maritime paintings. I'am very interested in his tugboat paintings. He is well aware of the maritime world and well known in the maritime painting world. I'm sure the next painting for me is another one of Willem Johan.​
Albert Braad
General Secretary at Lekko I.T.E.S.
Marine art Noordam Holland America Line
The painting of the Noordam arrived today. It came through in perfect shape and it is wonderful. My brother will really appreciate it. Thank you.
Marine art Amstelland
One primer, undercoat and two top coats gloss! A fine Marine Artist!
Stephen J. Card​
Marine Artist, Bermuda
Marine art HAM offshore
Willem Johan is a maritime artist who combines unrivalled skill and knowledge of the industry with a deep passion for his work. He has the ability to deliver, even when time is short. Looking very much forward to working together with him on a new assignment. I will not let any opportunity pass by!
Guus de Vries
Area Manager The Netherlands at Van Oord
Marine art ocean liner Monterey
I recently commissioned Willem to paint the SS Monterey berthing at Pier 35S in San Francisco assisted by two Red Stack Tugs. What a beautiful painting he completed which now graces our Family Room! I docked the Monterey at this berth many times, and gazing upon the painting takes me back in time to a wonderful period in my life. I can't recommend Willem's work highly enough.
Wallace Slough​
Ship's Pilot at Capt. S. W. Slough, Inc.
Marine Art Fairmount Summit
There are many, so called, maritime artists. However, only few of them have the ability to catch the scene as a seafarer does. Willem Johan definitely is one of them. His work is realistic and truly reflects his love for the sea and for ships. I am intrigued by his work and am sure that anybody with a connection to the maritime industry will feel the same, when enjoying his paintings.
Ruud Muis​
Managing Director AEGIR-Marine​
Marine art Dutch ship Prinses Margriet Oranje Lijn
Maritime paintings are notoriously difficult to execute well and there are very few marine artists who are able to capture the reflection of the sea, and the movement of a ship through the water, with the excellence and clarity of Willem Johan Hoendervanger. His painting of the ‘CAJUN SUN’ is spectacular. I own his painting of the ‘PRINSES MARGRIET’ and the representation of the sea is quite magnificent.
James Brosnan​
General Manager, Insurance BW Maritime
Ocean liner art ss Bremen (2)
I wanted to thank you for working with us on creating the Bremen painting. You were very accommodating in considering our wishes on how the painting should look. Since the Bremen brought our family to the US from Germany, we felt strongly that New York harbor should be present as the backdrop and you were able to show that beautifully. Since we had not actually seen any of your work (we are in the US and you are in Holland), we placed our trust in your hands. The painting was everything we could have hoped for. The colors are subtle, but beautiful. This painting will hold a place of honor in my parents’ home for many years. Thank you so much.
Susanne Mitten
Willem Johan Hoendervanger is a true Dutch master of Maritime art. I am very pleased to have this masterpiece of the Saga Rose in my collection. Truly a stunning work of art, perfectly framed. Thank you very much.
Willem Johan makes very nice work and is a friendly person to deal with. We are happy to have the Friesland (painted by him very precisely and colorfully and sailing on the Waddenzee) on our wall.
Jannie & Jan van Straten
In my opinion, Willem Johan (as a professional artist) makes high-quality work. He masters the watercolor technique like no other. His work is atmospheric and at the same time technically and historically correct and contains all the ingredients to become a household name in the maritime art world and industry.
Nico M. Peeters
Maritime Artist
Willem Johan Hoendervanger is the Rembrandt of the Maritime Paintings. He did for me a Giclée of the “Calamares”, a Banana Ship in the sixties and sailing for the United Fruit Company known from the Chiquita Bananas. The Giclée has sent to Aruba and arrived in perfect condition where it got a nice frame.
Martin Waltman
Mr. Hoendervanger’s water color profile of the legendary tugboat ‘Holland’ is a fascinating combination of an ‘artist’s impression’ and super realism. In reality, the ‘Holland’ exudes sentiments beyond her appearance: power, strength, superiority and fearlessness. A Goliath of the oceans. Willem Johan’s masterpiece captures and conveys these sentiments over an above the super realistic depiction of this beautifully lined legend.
Erik Vonk
Richland Estate and Rum Distilleries
Willem Johan has given great shape to my most beautiful maritime memory of Egmond aan Zee with its lighthouse, it feels very good to enjoy this beautiful experience from my youth every day.
Nienke Plantinga