Ocean liner Bremen in New York
ss Bremen arriving in New York harbor
Painting of the German liner Bremen
Ocean liner Bremen in New York
Marine art detail: Bremen (1)
Marine art detail: Bremen (2)
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Bremen (New York)

WATERCOLOR . 20,3 x 33,7 cm. [SOLD]
This small watercolor painting shows the arrival of Bremen in New York. The Manhattan skyline can be seen appearing out of the mist. I this painting I wanted to capture the excitement of a liner which arrives in the New World after many days at sea. The misty colors and calm weather conditions makes this an atmospheric painting to look at.

Old Holland Classic Watercolour

I only use the best brand of Watercolor paint namely Old Holland and watercolor paper of the famous Arches brand.

Pasteur in Holland

With onboard 4000 troops the Pasteur visited the Netherlands on a repatriation trip from Tandjong Priok to Amsterdam on the 23 February 1950.

Singapore client

This painting was shipped to a collector of maritime art who lives  in Singapore. I do ship works worldwide in a special designed box ensuring safe shipping. 

Liner Pasteur arriving in IJmuiden
French paquebot Pasteur in the Netherlands
Norddeutscher Lloyd ss Bremen
The Bremen as Pasteur in IJmuiden
Ocean Liner Pasteur in The-Netherlands
Cruise ship Bremen (Norddeutscher Lloyd)
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Seven Lives

When the former Bremen then named Filipina Saudi 1 was on its way to the breakers in Taiwan towed by the Dutch tug Sumatras disaster struck. In a heavy storm in the Indian Ocean the once so pride Bremen sank at position 07°35’N60°12’E. Seven cats onboard the ship lost their lives. Besides all the speculations of her end a romantic reading is that the ship chose a seaman’s grave over the cutting torches.