Contemporary Dutch Marine Artist

Have you ever considered buying an original piece of maritime art? One that captures perfectly the ambiance of the golden age era of great ocean liners? It is my pleasure to show you around my website and inform you about the possibilities. As a contemporary marine artist I work together with shipping companies and enthusiasts to create tailor-made artwork. Don’t hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your next piece of unique maritime art!



This painting shows the beautiful Caronia (Cunard) in New York Harbor. It was great fun to do a painting of her, especially the four shades of green.

Thumb Marine Art Statendam


On a beautiful sunny morning the Statendam is seen being moored at Pier 35s in San Francisco. The ship is engaged in a cruise along the American West Coast in the sixties. The ship matches perfectly with the blue sky.


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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Willem Johan Hoendervanger and I’m a fulltime Dutch maritime artist. I work for private and professional clients all over the world. I invite you to have a look at my gallery and see some examples of my works of art. I live and work in Doorwerth. Please drop me a line with your comments and/or questions!

Thumb Marine Art Prinses Margriet

Prinses Margriet

The passenger cargo-liner Prinses Margriet was known for her luxurious interiors. A period brochure stated she ‘had the charming personality of an elegant yacht.' This fine ship only had a short career at the Oranje Lijn

Thumb Marine Art Queen Elizabeth 2


This watercolor painting shows the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 seen entering the locks of IJmuiden after a visit to Amsterdam. QE2 was operated by Cunard Line as a scheduled ocean liner and cruise ship.

100% customer satisfaction!

I recently commissioned Willem to paint the SS Monterey. What a beautiful painting he completed which now graces our Family Room! I can't recommend Willem's work highly enough.
Your painting is nothing short of spectacular. I was hoping that the painting would look nice but you have outdone yourself. I honestly feel that this is the best work you have ever done.

Commissions are accepted for all maritime subjects.

I work not only for shipping companies but also for private individuals. By working in commission I am able to develop myself and continue to improve my skills. I can paint a wide variety of different ships; from big liners to smaller boats.